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Planned Giving

You can support the Presentation Sisters through planned gifts. Planned giving is an organized approach to give to charitable organizations that best reflect your values. Each gift's financial and tax benefits help build the Presentation congregation's endowment. Endowments provide ongoing essential income to ensure the future of our ministry. Planned gifts allow you to provide meaningful support to congregational members who have been important to your life and the lives of your family. These gifts may reduce your tax burden and benefit your heirs. There are many ways you can benefit from supporting the Sisters of the Presentation through planned giving.

Charitable Bequests

A charitable bequest supports the work of the Presentation Sisters after your death. It can be included in your will or it added later by a codicil. A bequest does not affect your current income and may favorably impact estate taxes. By remembering the Presentation sisters in your will, your legacy of generosity continues. Many find it a more comfortable way to leave a generous gift.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable gift annuities allow donors to generously gift the congregation with fixed annuity payments for life. The payment size depends on the donor's age at the time the charitable gift annuity is established. Donors receive a tax deduction for a portion of the gift. The charitable gift annuity agreement can be easily completed by mail.







Charitable Trusts

A variety of trust instruments exist that can assist a donor in estate planning. These afford an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Sisters of the Presentation. For more information about the types and benefits of various charitable trusts, contact the Partners in Mission Office.

Life Insurance Policies

A gift of life insurance also allows benefactors to make a significant, charitable gift. Consider naming the Sisters of the Presentation as beneficiaries of a new or existing life insurance policy.


When naming the Sisters of the Presentation as beneficiary of a bequest, insurance policy, retirement plan or a trust, please instruct the attorney preparing legal documents that the corporate title for the Presentation sisters: "Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Dubuque, Iowa." The Sisters of the Presentation are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

If you have questions or need more information about the various gifting options, please contact the Partners in Mission Office at 563-588-2008 ext. 105 or partnersinmission@dubuquepresentations.org.

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