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Mother Vincent Hennessy Scholarship

The Dubuque Presentation foundation was established in 1875 when Mother Vincent Hennessy left the Presentation convent in Mooncoin, Ireland, with three young women, to teach the immigrant children of Iowa. Mother Vincent inspired others to live out the Presentation motto, Caritas (charity). Despite challenging beginnings, the Dubuque Presentation community flourished. Today the Sisters of the Presentation follow in Mother Vincent’s footsteps by serving in education, pastoral ministry, chaplaincy and advocacy for the disadvantaged and those made poor throughout the United States and Bolivia.

In the celebration of Mother Vincent and the Dubuque Presentation foundation, the Sisters of the Presentation offer a $1,500 Mother Vincent Hennessy Foundation Scholarship to a student from Wahlert Catholic High School, which Presentation sisters have actively supported since its inception.  The scholarship will go toward the college tuition of a deserving students who plans to further his or her education and who meets the following criteria:

  • uses his or her God-given talents for the betterment of others
  • exemplifies exceptional service
  • needs financial assistance
  • satisfactorily completes the application and provides two letters of recommendation

Interested students complete the application form by April 1, 2020.
Announcement is made at the end of April.

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