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Resources for Lent

Let us commit to practicing nonviolence - one step at a time - one choice at a time - one day at a time.

Practice #10: Appreciation helps people to grow. Praise, compliment and honor the uniqueness of at least three people today for their personal qualities, achievements, or helpful service. Notice the positive impact you make by valuing the individuality of each person. #lent #nonviolence #sundaymotivation





Practice #9: Differences give variety to life. Today look for three ways to see beyond your differences in opinions, appearances or goals with others. Find the meeting point of underlying unity that exists in diversity and speak up but do not enter into the spirit of argument.





Practice #8: When we forgive, we do not condone hurtful behavior. When we realize that there is something within us that is more important than this wounding experience, we are free to let go of the past and move on with our lives. Today, write a letter to forgive someone, even if you never mail it.




Practice #7: To simplify is to invite peacefulness into our lives. Clean out your closets, drawers or garage. Are there things you aren’t using that might be of value to someone else? Today give away what you are no longer using or think of other ways you can simplify your life. Put at least one of them into practice today. 




Practice #6: Tell someone today what a difference he or she has made in your life. Acknowledge that person for being a miracle in your life. Make this a day when you don’t take people for granted.



Practice #5: Write down 10 things that you appreciate about yourself and five ways that you can take better care of yourself. Read aloud what you have written and practice at least two today. 




Practice #4: Value the earth. The quality of your community starts with you taking responsibility where you are. Today, find a way to make one, small change that will contribute to the well-being of your home, school, workplace or community. Pick up trash that is not your own, practice recycling, plant a tree - every little bit helps.

Practice #3: Today, share a smile with at least three people, knowing that your smile spreads kindness and contributes to peace.





Practice #2: Believe that you have all the resources to move your life in the direction of peace. Be aware of simple, peaceful responses you receive today. 

Practice #1: On Valentine's Day, send a silent thought of love to 10 people today.



2017 Calendar: A Living Lent That Changes the World
Looking for something different to do for Lent? We offer a calendar with simple ways to make a difference in a big way. This Lent, as we commit to small everyday activities, may it be a time to change our hearts, our lives and our world. Download Lenten Calendar here.


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