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Read about the many Presentation celebrations of life, commitment and jubilee. For a specific listing of any of these celebrations, click on the navigation to the left.

2018 Associate Commitments — Associate Commitments
January 24, 2018
We welcome Sue Brimmer and Sarah Gieseke into the Presentation Associate Partnership.
September 5, 1932 - December 8, 2017
August 28, 1941 - November 16, 2017
June 29, 1923 - October 27, 2017
October 14, 2017
“I first met the Presentation Sisters at St. Ambrose University through Sister Rita Cameron. My senior year, I went with the Presentation Sisters on a service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, which transformed my life. When I observed the sisters in New Orleans responding to the needs of the people, with love and friendship, I knew my life would never be the same.”
In Memory of Pat Pacetti — Associate Obituaries
August 23, 1936 - September 29, 2017
Sisters Kay Cota, Janice Hancock and Jeanette McCarthy celebrated 60 years of religious life surrounded by their Presentation community.
2017 Associate Commitment — Associate Commitments
We welcome Robert Mace as a Presentation associate!
In Memory of Harry Stanton — Associate Obituaries
March 30, 1934 - October 11, 2016
April 24, 1924 - October 1, 2016

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