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Our Ministries

As we continue to go where need calls out most loudly, we follow our mission of caring for and empowering those in need through our various ministries, both in active ministry or in retirement. Our mission, expressive of Presentation hospitality and spirituality, guides our ministry efforts. We promote justice and the alleviation of oppression in all its forms.

As Presentation Sisters, we recognize and call forth the gifts of many people to ensure that the light of Nano’s hospitality, compassion and hope continues to shine among all. Nano's legacy invites us to take the lantern, tend its light, pass it on and transform the world in the process.   

Sister Michaeline Healy
One of Nano’s greatest gifts, I believe, was being present to the needs of people. That is what I try to do and to be – be present and support the families of our parish and the Caledonia community in good times and bad; sickness and health. My ministry is about “being with” – nothing fancy – just being there and walking with others – it is walking the journey of life and faith with another. 



Sister Lois Lehman
Being faithful to daily prayer and able to spend extra time in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament gives me strength to continue my journey with the Lord in my retirement years. I truly feel I can make a difference for others at this time in my life. Although my ministry is more limited, I am still able to encourage, affirm and be an example of faithfulness to prayer and to my vocation as a follower of Nano, keeping her lantern burning brightly and continuing to share her charism of hospitality.

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