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Associate News & Events

Living Hospitality: Community Days 2017 — Associate News & Events
In Memory of Pat Pacetti — Associate Obituaries
August 23, 1936 - September 29, 2017
We remember Associate Pat Pacetti who passed away on Friday, September 29, 2017.
CARMA Conference 2017 — Associate News & Events
April 29, 2017
Retreat for Sisters and Associates
2017 Associate Commitment — Associate Commitments
We welcome Robert Mace as a Presentation associate!
In Memory of Harry Stanton — Associate Obituaries
March 30, 1934 - October 11, 2016
We remember Associate Harry Stanton who passed away on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.
One of the Presentation commitments challenges sisters and associates to “support sustainability and systemic change for the common good.” Along with many others, Associates Bren Connors and Barb Ressler have taken the call of the directional statement and this commitment promise to heart.
2016 Associate Partnership Commitments — Associate Commitments
June 27, 2016
Associate Recognitions — Associate News & Events
Lantern Lights Let Their Light Shine — Associate News & Events
By Sister Julia Wingert

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